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Our regular packaging blog is intended to inspire and help you learn more about our fast paced, complex but fascinating industry. We will also give you some useful tips which can help you get the most from your packaging.

Packaging trends in the new year

Cutting through the Noise - Key Trends to Increase Product Recognition

We’re living in a world with more Entrepreneurs than ever. In 2019, Forbes Magazine reported that Entrepreneurship was already on a sharp increase. This has been especially prominent in the UK with the rise of community office spaces and supportive “mentoring-type” networks.
Though 2020 saw uncertain career prospects for many due the global Covid Pandemic, a great proportion of those made redundant also turned to starting up their own business. We (Pactivate) have already seen this increase from our own inbound enquiries.
Luxury packaging Cardboard sculpture

The Magic of Cardboard - Artist Spotlight - Pactivate

Cardboard is recyclable, biodegradable and incredibly versatile. All-in-all a fantastic packaging material.
Today though we’re focusing on the application of cardboard sculptures for art, rather than packaging, as we’ve stumbled across some incredible artists we just had to share!
is packaging jargon helpful or a hindrance

So you think you’re a packaging Expert?

Packaging is about communication, but the industry is full of jargon. Here we break down some of the jargon and talk about the importance of clear communication
Pactivate luxury design trends for 2024

Top Luxury Packaging Trends for 2024: What Designers and Buyers need to know

The top packaging design trends for 2024 - our tips for buyers and designers and what you should be looking out for this year
Cosmetic packaging designs

Pandas for your Every Need

Product packaging should be designed around the core need. By getting under the skin of your consumer, we can help you to design and manufacture your packaging effectively.
Corrugated Packaging Design Ideas recycled packaging labelling

A Quick and Simple way to Brand your Retail Packaging

Design ideas to help you quickly and economically customize your branded packaging. Creative ways to implement design, retail packaging labels and branding to your corrugated protective and branded food packaging.