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We often talk to brand owners and product managers who have a great product, but it’s sitting on hold in the development stage, because packaging was left too late in the decision making stage.

Packaging is collaborative in its nature. We work with your partners, technologists, and fulfillment teams to ensure that your packaging is optimized for all stages of the journey.

Our experienced team understand packaging. We’re not going to sell you an idea, we’ll get to the heart of your business needs and work with you to find a solution.

Retail printed box packaging Pactivate

Packaging shouldn’t be a headache – why risk further errors and delays?

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Luxury packaging design and sampling
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1) Packaging Design Sampling and Testing
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We create collaborative designs which are fit for purpose at each stage of the supply chain from fulfillment through to retail.
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Packaging Prototypes and samples short run luxury packaging
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2) Prototyping, Short Run and Market Testing
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You want to make sure your design is right. We provide prototypes, short run production for transit trials, market testing and promotional pre-launch activities
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Luxury Packaging Production and retail packaging manufacture
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3) BRC Accredited volume production
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We work with you to provide just in time, local stocked food safe packaging solutions to ensure your product is ready when you need it and performs as expected.

We were getting pressure from retailers to find an alternative to our plastic clamshell packaging. Pactivate were able to provide solutions, and help us to perform tests to give us confidence that our products would travel safely. We managed to maintain cost of goods and had a positive impact on sales.

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Nivea Skincare Promotional Packaging Render

Influencer marketing packaging for global cosmetics brand

Packaging design for PR firm looking to promote their customer's products to influencers and professionals in the skincare industry
Plastic replacement card packaging solution for easter eggs

Paper Based Packaging Company | Case Study Plastic Replacement

We were asked to create a fully cardboard easter egg packaging. Our solution was fully tested and was as easy to fulfill as the previous plastic solution.

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