Retail packaging protoypes, samples and 3D Visuals

Subtitle: Prototyping, Samples and 3D Visuals
Retail Printed Box Packaging 3D Visual Prototype CAD

If you have a great product packaging idea it’s important that it looks good in real life. A design can be beautiful on a pdf, but until you’ve seen the finished product, it can be difficult to imagine how it will really look. When you’re viewing a standard printed proof or a pdf on screen, it can be difficult to imagine how your packaging will look on the correct materials or with the hot foil effect added for example.

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Retail Printed Box Packaging 3D Visual Prototype meatballs

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Having a physical sample in your hand can turn an idea into something real. A good sample can increase your chances of getting in front of the right people, and the chance of them buying into your product.

This is where our prototyping and 3D visuals can help. Our services are designed to accurately represent the final product – so if you have an existing design you want to test or need some samples to send to a prospective retailer get in touch

As well as plain samples in the correct material, we can also produce specially printed digital prototypes including embossing, hot foiling and special print effects to accurately represent the final product.

luxury packaging for premium brands

Mug and gifting special edition rigid box packaging

Luxury packaging for premium gift set. Our customer was looking for a promotional Halloween luxury gifting packaging for their set of mugs
Nivea Skincare Promotional Packaging Render

Influencer marketing packaging for global cosmetics brand

Packaging design for PR firm looking to promote their customer's products to influencers and professionals in the skincare industry
Retail packaging corrugated Stock and Supply solution

Outer Protective Packaging | Transit Packaging Case Study

By providing a stock and supply solution, we reduced the delivery time from 5 days to 1 day to increase speed to market
Plastic replacement card packaging solution for easter eggs

Paper Based Packaging Company | Case Study Plastic Replacement

We were asked to create a fully cardboard easter egg packaging. Our solution was fully tested and was as easy to fulfill as the previous plastic solution.
Heinz luxury promotional brand box packaging

Luxury Rigid Packaging Manufacture | Case Study - Ed Sheeran

Inspired by his love of ketchup, Ed Sheeran became the brand ambassador for Heinz. We were asked to design and manufacture a range of promotional brand boxes to send out to influencers and media channels